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Going off Tiger with Cynthia Naugle

TW: Sexual Abuse, Mental Trauma

This week's guest is Cynthia Naugle! I've known her since 2011! She has blossomed into this artist, toy designer, gallery owner, and all-around chingona. I did tip-off in the introduction of this episode that we discuss her allegations and documented experience with Eric Esquivel. It's a difficult yet necessary conversation, and I'm honored she felt comfortable enough to share it with us.

I understand if you’d need to avoid that section of the podcast. I suggest skipping to part two where the conversation shifts, but the tw content is referenced.

LP2 is honored to have debuted her new artist name: Go Off Tiger. You should give her a follow on Instagram and check out what &Gallery has planned in the springtime.

As always, the podcast is free to listen to exclusively on Spotify. But you have to become a monthly sustaining member to enjoy the video portion of today’s discussion. No pressure!

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Today’s Gil Thorp is one I appreciate. Gil and Tobias Gordon finally have a one-on-one talk for the first time. There is a moment on the court where Gil asked him to sit the game out because he’s distracted by Keri and Pedro. But this felt very natural for Gil to have that moment with him about his mother, Mel Gordon.

The last time Gil tried to apologize for trying to convince Mel to not have an abortion at The Bucket, and it didn’t go so well. The “abortion storyline” is what got Gil Thorp kicked out of newspapers like the Chicago Tribune where it originated 65 years ago.

Trans and BIPOC characters anger the existing fanbase. If you do support these changes, please vocalize your opinion and let Tribune know how much you love the strip.

The basketball season is coming to a close soon, and then we’re going to roll right into baseball and softball. It will be fun.

I will leave you this week with the second opening for my favorite anime: Mob Psycho 100. Neon Genesis Evangelion is in my top five all-time favorite shows, but this anime is worth your attention. Excuse me while I go vanquish some demons with my friend, Dimple.

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