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Latinx Press Podcast #4: Surviving Publishing with Amanda Meadows

This one is for SZA

I can’t believe this podcast is still going!

Honestly, they always flame out before I publish any episodes. But I’m glad that my good friend, Amanda Meadows, was gracious enough to come on the show. We talk about how we met at Phoenix Comic Con (now known as Phoenix Fan Fusion), publishing woes, and Red Lobster.

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For the next couple of weeks, I’ve got two webcomics publishing:

You can read Gil Thorp Monday through Friday over at GoComics or your local funny paper. We depend on clicks and newspapers' royalties to keep the comic in print, so any engagement helps!

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The current chapter of HOUSE OF SLAY that’s running in Webtoon and Tapas was written by yours truly in collaboration with Louie Chin.

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