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New Podcast! Segura's a Swiftie!? Scott Adams' Eviction!

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Another episode of the Latinx Press Podcast is up. This week’s guest is my former boss and friend: Alex Segura.

Segura is busier than a three-legged cat in a litter box. I stole that from a PIO I had to call once a week when I worked for the Arizona Daily Star. I think his name was Cesaer. Anyway, this is one of those conversations that goes into the comic book business, Taylor Swift, and all the things he has coming out in the near future.

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The House was Slayed

The last chapter of my House of Slay story was published Tuesday. You can read Casa de Matar in its entirety via Webtoon and Tapas. I’ve said this many times but the folks at EEP helped me tell this story when I was in a rough place. Work-for-hire work rarely means something to me. I can’t wait for this to hit print in the future.

Adios, Dilbert.

This last week’s discourse about comic strips wasn’t about how papers are dying—but about the valuable real estate. Scott Adams imploded his career by admitting he “identifies as black” and his best advice to white people “is to get the hell away from black people.” Adams’ distributor and several newspapers dropped him and his tired strip. 76 papers dropped Dilbert including dailies like the L.A. Times and Washington Post, according to NPR. Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.

Some of you might know that I write a syndicated comic strip, and a majority of my royalties come from clicks and how many papers run it. One of the upsides of Dilbert getting the boot is that strips like Heart of The City get to run in the Washington Post. Heart of the City was taken over by my friend Steenz, and they recently surpassed their 1,000th strip milestone. Check it when you’re done reading ol’ Gil.


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Until next week or if something else pops up, see you on the other side.

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